Public Works





Kanelgatans Daycare Center

Gårdsten, Gothenburg, 2009

Marble tiles




The meaning of life

Ängaboskola(Primaryschool), Alingsås, 2006

Materials: mixed media, Size:4 x 3,40 x 2 m

A hanging sculpture, where nature and culture are brought together.

The concept of Over and Under and Up and Down play an important role.





Seal man



Sea horses



Ship´s cat

Materials: bronze, concrete and tiles

The four sculptures are part of the series

"Tales from the seventh sees"

Sannegårdshamnen (residential area by the port), Gothenburg, 2004

The works are not illustrations for existing stories, but for stories

that the audience have to find out themselves.

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Båtsmanskolan (Primary school), Mölnlycke 2003

Materiasl; bronze, concrete, glassmosaic and tiles, Size: 4,20 x 1,80 x 2,20 m

The figures are the same size as many of the children attending the school.

When playing on the "concrete island" the children create different constel-

lations together with bronze figures and become part of the composition. The

figures are turned away from each other and seem to be a mixture between animals

and humans. Or are they dressed up?

A sculpture to look at, interact with and ponder upon.




Not invited

A temporary installation in Kungsparken, a Park in Gotheurg.

A satelite project for the Gotheburg International Biennale 2001

Materials: plaster ,cloth etc, Size: 2 x 1,5 x 1,5 m

A family of four people are sitting, as if waiting, in a hole

in the ground (0,82 x 1,80 x 1,50 m). The hole is covered with a thick

plate of tempered glass, wich makes it possible walk over it. I pre-

sented the visitors of the Gothenburg biennal with a family of hiding

refugees to ask questions about the fine line between being invited or not invited.

The piece is not solely a comment on immigration but extends the question to

other social,economical and artistic contexts where someone might be asking

"invited or not invited?"




From a Clear Sky

Konstepidemin entrance, Gotheburg

Ordered by Charles Felix Lindbergs Donationsfound, 1997

Collaboration with Peter Kruse

Material:steel, Size:6 x 3 x 2 m


Cow of Dreams

A fountain at the entrance at Fässbergshemme, retirement home

Materiasl: bronce, concrete and marble tiles, Mölndal,1996

Height: 2,40 m





12 Entrances

Bergsvägen, Stenungsund , 1995

Material: marble tiles

Four houses, each with three entrances. every entrance is unique.




A Meeting

Stabbetorget, Gothenburg

Ordered by: Charles Felix Donationsfound 1994

Materials: wood and brick, Height: 2,10 m




The Tower

Truck technical school, St Holm, Gothenburg 1993

Materials: bronze och stone, Height: 2,20m


©Jill Lindström